Review: Tim Hortons Pumpkin Spice Iced Capp


I didn’t expect the summer to past this quickly. I had every intention of writing more often but summer is construction season, which means I was pretty busy in my day job. Also I kinda got in a small funk where I found it hard to be creative. I’m doing a lot better. I wrote a bunch of articles for the blog I run with my friend Olivia (, as well as making new products and getting ready for Chipkey’s busy season.

I decided I would share an article that I wrote on that blog over here since it’s a fun, seasonally appropriate post. This article is tangentially related to a series I have: “The Quest for the Best Latte”. Where you guessed it, I try lattes and write reviews about them. In the fall, I get temperately become obsessed with Pumpkin Spice. So this article really does reflect that…

 Pumpkin Spice Ice Cap

Story Time:  

If you aren’t Canadian, Tim Horton’s is an extremely popular coffee/fast food chain up here. They are technically are international, but mostly in places where there is a lot of Canadians. They don’t have large selections of seasonal drinks, typically one or two a season. I believe they hopped on the Pumpkin Spice latte train last year since that's gone well they started offering speciality coffee and not just coffee.

I was standing in line at the Tim Hortons near my work with some coworkers as part of a team meeting. I saw that Timmies has a Pumpkin Spice Iced Capp and I instantly decided that was what I needed to order. My coworker that was standing beside me at the time and he said: “Please tell me you aren’t actually going to order that”. Well, he is not the boss of me (that guy already ordered and got a table) so I DID!


The Actually Review:

It looked pretty similar to the premium Iced Capps, with the whip and drizzle of syrup. I never order those since Tim’s whip is really gross. It’s not like a whip cream, it’s more like a frosting.

In comparison to most Iced Capps I’ve tried, the whip is actually good with the rest of the drink. The whip tasted like pumpkin spice because of the drizzle on it. 

I enjoyed this drink way more than I was expecting.

The pumpkin to spice to ice cap ratio was great. It wasn’t overloaded on sugar and you could taste all the flavours the way they were supposed too. It didn't taste too spicy, like you would have to sneeze if you drank it too quickly. 

I mixed in my whip and drizzle, it helped the flavour and gave it a thicker consistency.

It was pretty much like drinking a pumpkin pie.  I really enjoyed it and would consider ordering it again.

Thumbs up from me. 👍👍👍